Wet/Needle Felt Painting

Wet/needle felt paintings are created by firstly laying out fibres to create a background this is placed under a net and water and soap is applied to the fibres. I then use a washboard felting tool to agitate the fibres. This process allows the fibres to cling together to form a background.

Detail is then added by using a barbed ‘felting needle’ in a stabbing motion to bind the fibres together. Further details are then added using hand embroidery. I also use other fibre products such as silk carrier rods which are a by-product of the silk making industry to add texture and depth to my pictures. For some of my pictures, such as Beyond the Cover and Bringer of Light I have handmade silk paper to add more depth to the picture.

Laid Fibre Painting

Laid fibre paintings are created by laying fibres to form a painting but not felting them or joining them in any way. The fibres are torn/cut as required. They can be laid over each other to create shading etc. in the same way as you would use paint. The painting is then placed under glass to hold all the fibres in place.