Wet/Needle Felt Gallery


Wet/needle felt pictures are created by firstly laying out fibres to create a background this is placed under a net and water and soap is applied to the fibres. I then use a washboard felting tool to agitate the fibres. This process allows the fibres to cling together to form a background.

Detail is then added by using a barbed ‘felting needle’ in a stabbing motion to bind the fibres together. Further details are then added using hand embroidery. I also use other fibre products such as silk carrier rods which are a by-product of the silk making industry to add texture and depth to my pictures. For some of my pictures, such as Beyond the Cover and Bringer of Light I have handmade silk paper to add more depth to the picture.


This gallery shows all of my Wet/Needle Felt artwork. Click on the image to find out more (opens in a new window).

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